This web site is created by Peter Cunningham.  As a resident of Mainlands Unit 3, I created the original site about six years ago to benefit the  residents of Unit 3.  Over the years the usefulness of the site has expanded to all of Mainlands.  I have redesigned the site to simplify maintenance for myself and to give it a fresh, new look.  I hope you find it interesting and useful.  By the way, the original site resides here. The Mainlands Community is composed of 1937 individual homes.  The Community is divided into seven individual "Units" referred to as Units One, Two, Three, etc.  There are 1827 detached single family homes in Units One thru Six  and 110 villas in Unit Seven.   Each unit has its own board of directors and financial autonomy.  There is an "umbrella" association comprised of representatives from each unit. Unit 3 is but one community of residents within the seven unit complex of the Mainlands of Tamarac.  Unit 3 is special to those of us who reside here because we have become a family.  There are 353 “family” members in Unit 3 and we do many activities that keep us all young (at heart if not chronologically).  This web site covers a few of the many events and activities.  Most of the information contained herein regarding Activities and Events is taken from the "Courier" which is the official monthly Unit 3 News "paper" Publication.  However,  every attempt will be made to keep this site up to date during the month when "news breaks" or a schedule changes.  The other units also publish a newsletter and I post them on this site as they send them to me.  All newsletters provided to me can be viewed here. Surf around our web site to visit with us and, if you're interested, check on the many activities and come and participate with us.  You can give us feedback by clicking here .  Thanks for visiting. Enjoy.....8/17/2010
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